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Remembering wikiloops member stemarqui

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Who was stemarqui?

Since Stefan never shared a single track on wikiloops, only few of you will have come across his user account.
Still, he was a great supporter of wikiloops, and was probably the closest observer of how I have dealt with wikiloops for some years.
It all started at the 2nd wikiloops member meeting in Urft - Stefan happened to be residing in the nearby Steinfeld Monasterys Guesthouse and stumbled across one of the wikiloops meeting posters, as he had a walk.
Being the curious and culture hungry person he was, he followed the posters invitation and discovered us jamming wikiloopers - and liked what he found.
When he sent me his collection of photos and a very friendly letter some weeks after that 2015 meeting, that was the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about wikiloops, which we've kept going until the end of last year.
stemarqui & wjl at the wikiloops member meeting

Stefan, whos interests included audio engineering, improvisational dance, miming, playing the piano and trombone took great part in investigating ways to promote and fund the wikiloops project, which he saw as a creative means to advertise peacefull intercultural exchange.
He was the one suggesting I'd move the wikiloops meeting to Steinfeld, which turned out a great decision.
He spent endless hours preparing stuff for the wikiloops meetings 2016-2018, filming at the events and taking care of the participants needs. Stefan loved to help while staying out of the spotlight, and all who have met him at some meeting will confirm that.
He picked up the nickname "the wise" Stefan at some meeting (maybe someone can recall how that happened?) because we needed to distinguish between no less but for Stefans at the event. The name was a good fit.
Stefan valued wikiloops very highly, and I at some point entrusted him with keeping the duplicate backup drives of wikiloops and some security instructions for the event that something might happen to me.
I remember Stefan sitting at our kitchen table in deep discussion about where to go with wikiloops,
or sharing the exhausted yet happy moments after long wikiloops meeting days, recollecting what went well and what did not. Stefan was a great listener, had a great sensitivity weighing different options and a never ending interest to discover new fields of interest.
He sure was a special person in the best of ways.

Stefan was diagnosed with a severe health issue in 2019, and passed away some time in spring of 2020.
May he rest in peace, and may we keep him in our memories.
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I knew about Stefan's condition since late 2019, but it was still devastating to hear that he had passed away. As you can see from the photo I have met him, and like Richard said he really did everything he could for the 'loops, without ever expecting special mentioning of it all. Great guy, great friend, good trombone player, and I'm really sad, I'll miss him.
Thanks Richard for this, and for keeping us informed.
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I have wonderful memories of Stefan running around the jam taking pictures and encouraging others in their playing. It surprised me when he picked up the trombone and was a fine player. He seemed so shy most of the time but had talent and a wonderful caring nature. I will miss him.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Stefan at the Wikiloops meetings in Steinfeld. My lasting impression of him was indeed of a wise, somewhat shy, clever and caring person, who did a lot to make the meetings in Steinfeld a success. It will be strange to have the next meeting there without him runing around, taking pictures, adjusting microphones, cameras and just being there. RIP
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Stefan was ultimately friendly and a joy to chat with ... he was the nicest guy you could ever meet and i'm sure very glad to have crossed his way !

I remember a discussion we were having in the upstairs acoustic room about setting up gear for recording audio and video ... i pointed to missing stuff such as multi-plugs and such and of course he had already brought everything i mentioned ! A short while after was the first time The Wise was given as his epithet ...

i recorded #155492 with Stefan on my mind after Richard told me about the sickness being diagnosed ... i was struggling with a title and i just couldn't come up with a nice one ! So i thought does it really matter ??? whatever the title the important thing was keeping him in my thoughts ...

I already miss you Stefan ...
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Dear friends, I am deeply saddened to hear that Stefan has passed away. I got to know him as an extremely sensitive and lovable person and was allowed to spend some really nice days together with him in Steinfeld. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for these precious days and his great commitment to Wikiloops. Rest in peace brother<3
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So sad to know that the "Wise Man" is gone (I think it was me who nicknamed him this way), I'll remember the crazy conversations we had and the way he wanted to help everybody as much as he could. I hope he didn't suffer too much, may he rest in peace.
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Such a friendly and kind person! Sad to read this! <3
Or something like that! :)
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Agree with all. R.I.P. Stefan .
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Am Ende steht ein Anfang ...
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Ah, all the comments and photos, now I remember Stefan. Hugely gentle soul who took such joy in making sure all us Steinfeld loopers were plugged in and good to rock. Darn sad to hear he passed. Thoughts are with his family. Actually, we are also his family. Godspeed to our music Brother /|\
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The man on the right
Tofzegrit attached the following image:

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Will definitely miss him at the next meeting. Only met him at two meetings but we had nice conversations. Always modest in the background and bussy, but also a great musician. He also made music in an empty church an experience that we both shared. Hope he didn't suffer too much.<3
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I'm so sorry to hear about Stefan. Like others on this thread and seeing the pictures I, of course, met him at the in-person events in Steinfeld and Urft. I remember him well but didn't realise he was 'someone off the street'! A brilliant and wonderful accident for sure.

RIP and condolences to his friends and family.
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Rest in piece.❤
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