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ON: Uploading a Remix

ON: Uploading a Remix

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MikeB Supporter
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Why not: auto-load basic fields from the parent jam when remixing a track. Also, remove the legal agreement page and make this
a once per user renewal database field. I am not a legal expert, so this may not be feasible.

Therefore, jam information such as title, meter, key, genre, comments, et al are duplicated from the database for the new track. Easing the workflow somewhat for the 'loop user.
For currents users, about that set of legal checkboxes, your support team(?) could simply create a special page for updating those fields. Like stated above, perhaps at renewal time. Certainly, then, those agreements would apply to every upload.

The remix time could be simplified, at least if the database is designed how I am imagining. If not, c'est la vie.

Thank you Kindly

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