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Choosing neither 'maj' nor 'min'

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After uploading a track, I noticed that if Key is chosen (let's say, A), but major or minor tonality is not, the Key does not show as well. But, what if song is neither minor or major?

I.e. it ends on power chord (1st-5th-8th) without any 3d played to determine the exact mode, but's it is an A power chord for sure.
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Good question wishnewsky, and I was thinking about the same lately - what if you're using a jazz (or church) scale like D Phrygian dominant (the "oriental" one) or such?

For easier ones like (as an example) "Scarborough Fair" which is in D Dorian, you could simply write that in C major which has all the same keys. But my example from above? Twists my brain a bit to be honest... :D
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