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Hello Loops - I'm Still Going. And Some 7/8.

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So, my achievements this year rank as having moved house during lockdown - twice - as well my mother dying and handling the affairs associated with that including selling the house I was living in, hence moving twice...

Anyway, I'm now ensconced in the depths of Norfolk with only Swallows, Woodpeckers and cattle for company with the nearest neighbour a mere 200 metres away. It's only a temporary measure whilst I work out what the hell what to do next with myself but it's quiet, pretty and I can kick the hell out of my drums as much as I like.

My drums and studio gear have finally moved with me and are now set up. It's taken a long, long time but I'm finally up-and-running. The previous house, despite having played for years there on and off, I just wasn't comfortable playing in - the [new-ish] neighbours were twitchy about it.

As a first test drive of my new place, I got asked to take on a 'lockdown track' with a bunch of muso friends. I got asked to do the drums for one of my favourite tracks - Billy Cobham's Stratus - so I said no problem. Oh yes, we're doing it in 7/8 (the original is in 4/4) and you need to do a solo on the end. Hmmm. Oh yes, please video it as I'll be assembling a video of everyone's parts. Oh and here's your guide track with some bass and guitar on with the organiser speaking where the solos are... :o I had no idea what the finished product would sound like.

So here's the video of my part in the project - I'll be a box-out on the final video along with everyone else. This has to be one of the most challenging recordings I've ever had to do. It's one thing to do a track in compound time, it's another to do it end-to-end without the luxury of punch-ins. The full video and mix isn't released yet so this an unlisted YouTube video. The audio is a mix made by the organiser.

I did my best to keep a bit of Billy Cobham's DNA in the drums fills - his rapid-fire tom fills and use of the china cymbal. I'm a bit chuffed with the result even though I bust my you-know-what over a weekend to get this done.

Needless to say, I'll be back recording and adding on here very soon. I've missed you guys! Now I've got this track out of my hair (it's been stressing me out for a fortnight!) I'm good to go.

See you all on a track very soon :)

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Condolences on your mom's passing Martin .. and welcome back .. good to see you! :)
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Hey great to see you are back! Your playing is very distinctive and I have big respect for your talent.<3
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Hey Martin, nice to see you back, and that's a real cool video, playing those drums with your distinctive style :) nice work
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Yea, nothing rusty about your chops! Would have been fun to do the "green screen" thing for your video and have you drumming in various scenes. Good that you've got the two camera angles working.

Hopefully new starts will be good for you and you can leave behind some of life's discomforts and sadness.

You're such a fine drummer. Anxious for you to start playing with us again.
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Wow Martin .. that's great!! The track, your drumming .. seeing you doing this magic work" Too cool .. thanks fpr sharing this!
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Sooo impressive... I like the finale fireworks at the end of a great show
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This is the final video for anyone who is interested.

One of the guitarists is the king of gurning!

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If you make a mistake, do it again and make it look like you meant to do it!
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