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Remix uses tracks from two templates: Musician listing isn't synced.

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Ok, here's the situation.

I download one template wav, record, mix it, and during that process, download a track from a different session.
That different session wav I mixed into the first template.
I mix it, upload it as a remix of the fist session.

Problem here is that the musician of the second session isn't listed.
I put that track and musician in the notes.

Happened twice that Saturday I was looping.

I can provide track id's.
Michael Bender
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Hey Michael ! What you describe is not really a common situation but still it happens sometimes on wikiloops ... and there's no solution beside mentioning the track(s) you used in your remix like you did !
Perhaps an additional pm to the member not included in the tree of your remix would be nice (to replace the missing notification) ?
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