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[solved] Access issue from Belgium

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Hi Dick,

This is just for your information.

Since a while I was not able to reach your wonderfull website anymore from my home studio computer (I get a connection timed out message). As I was very busy these months, I put it asight.

These days, I was again having a bit of time and tried to connect. I tried from 3 different computers in my house but all failed to reach Wikiloop website. I was so scarred that the website was down for ever!!

Today, still at home but using my company laptop connected to a VPN (hop in NL) I tried again and it worked.

So, I just made the link and I changed my VPN settings of my home computer (Adding an extra hop to a German server before reaching your website) and Wikiloops is reachable again.

Seems that connections from Belgium WAN are dropped/blocked ?!?

So, did someone reported it to you before?

I'm so glad that I can reach you again Dick !!!!

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Now, that is odd... I will check if there is something misconfigured, but I'm not aware of any blocking mechanism fending off the belgians (I live quite close to the belgium border, btw).
Please do me a favor and send me your homes IP address by wikiloops personal message, maybe your houses IP got wrongfully blacklisted. Or are you sure its unreacheable from any belgium non-vpnned connection?
Hope to get this fixed soon, thanks a ton for reporting this, I might have noticed way too late!
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I checked, no geoIP based block set on country code BE... send me that IP, please.
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