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OGG VORBiS Support

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Ok my question is to Dick - has the new HTML5 Web Player support to OGG VORBIS Files? Play this Player this files?

What you think about OGG Files? I heard some jams in ogg files and my opinion is that the sound is better, brighter and smaller.

I don't know is that the best way - Could be some users have then no converter from ogg to mp3.

Audacity have both mp3 and ogg. :)

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Hey fresh,
Let me break this down:
some browsers do support ogg playback in html5 players, some dont.
Some browsers do support mp3 playback in html5 players, some dont.
Some do both (chrome).
Thats why firefox still shows a flash player instead of the html5 player - FF dont support mp3 in html5.
So, in order to function properly, wikiloops should host the file in both formats to match the ideal situation.
To do that, people would either have to upload two files - that would be a bore and few people I know ever converted stuff into ogg.
The other option would be to convert the file on the server after it has been uploaded.
To be honest, if it could be done, I'd do it right away, my problem is that a server that would allow such scripted file moves would cost a lot more than the wikiserver I have now - hosters take more money for full server access, so I had to decide against it for now. Budget would rise to 1200 Euros a year for server costs to do that... it would open some other options too (like HQ files to download...), but that would need a lot more cash in the hat...

oh, and yes, ogg is smaller and sounds no bit worse than mp3, its a nice format, and free, too :)
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hey Dick, I understand...that is really a problem to do this...in future I hope the Server costs go down.
And yes ogg is a nice format, but is not so important. Mp3 is the most used file format...think is better we use it along.
Thanks for comment

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