Hard times

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frenzie Supporter
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I don't know how to tell this, but last year I opened up about my personal life that my signficant other is very ill.
The doctor says he will live for a few days.
We know this for a month or so but they gave him a small year and now suddenly it all developed so quick.

I know lots of people have gone through this. So forgive me for sharing.

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TeeGee Supporter
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So sorry to hear Tom...
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slin Supporter
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Hi Tom!i`m so sorry to hear that,please take care of you self and your outher signficant and a big hug from me Tom.<3<3<3
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Mickey Supporter
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Hey tom,
When I'm jamming with you
I often think
the breath of the blues plays again.
Your news is very sad.
but you have the music and in this life you found your love and loved it too. This is great cinema.
Much strength for you !!!!
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Dick Supporter
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can't possibly click on "thumbs up" on these news to let you know I've read your post, Tom, so, here I sit with little more to write than:
I've read your post, and I'm resonating.
Sending good thoughts your way
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Shi Supporter
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my thoughts are with you both frenzie
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Stef Supporter
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It's really sad to read these words of yours Tom.
Be strong my friend!
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frenzie Supporter
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Thnx for all the support my dear friends<3
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Wade Supporter
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I'm getting kind of old, the longer I live the more it sinks in that all we've got is time. Some less than others. What's important is how we use it while we've got it.

Tom, you know that there are lots of people here who share your grief and have sympathy. That also means that you can come to us for emotional support and encouragement. Use your time and friends here well.
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rootshell Supporter
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very sorry to hear frenzie, my thoughts are with you and hope you are coping OK. be well <3
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adu Supporter
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I´m so sorry too and i wish you the strength you need!
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wjl Supporter
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Wow Tom, these are sad news indeed, you must feel terrible. My thoughts are with you and with your friend, even if that doesn't help much I suppose...
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I wish you a peaceful goodbye Tom, those special moments in a life are terrible but sometimes also beautiful (though you have to wait a little to agree to that point). Big thoughts for both of you <3
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Tofzegrit Supporter
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Tender thoughts my friend <3
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Tofzegrit Supporter
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Tender thoughts my friend <3
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The Tibetan monks say "Hell exists, it is here in our sufferings on this earth, in our lives"
I like to think that an elsewhere exists behind the wall. Nothing is ever finished.It's my personal belief.
Much love for you two my friend <3
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