Thank you

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frenzie Supporter
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I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this difficult time.
Today was the funeral and it was a beautiful ceremony and I am grateful I could lay him(my partner) to rest at his birthplace. I like to thank Richard for this wonderful platform where I can find musical joy and support from friends all over the world.

See you all soon with the jam tracks on the loops.

Love <3

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slin Supporter
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So good to see you had a fine funeral for your partner Tom,and keep on and take care of you self <3<3<3 Nils.
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So sorry for your loss Tom,stay strong buddy<3
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kmoon235 Supporter
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Hang in there Tom my friend and find comfort in his memory.
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AnneCozean Supporter
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<3 Letting go of loved ones is not easy. You were truly there for him, this I know. "In a warm embrace, we are holding you close in our hearts." <3
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LittleWing Supporter
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“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.”
- Emily Dickinson
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wjl Supporter
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my sincere condolences.
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Marceys Supporter
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Wish you all the best!


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My sincere condolences Tom, from Spain!
Recover from this pothole and soon we hear each other here !! ;)
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Filo974 Supporter
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I Send you lights from Reunion Island's heart Tom !

Condolences my friend
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Wade Supporter
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Keep love in your heart and feel free express your joy and sorrow with us here. You are among friends.
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Navota Supporter
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Wens je heel veel sterkte met het verlies van je partner. Ik hoop dat muziek je iets van troost kan bieden in deze moeilijke tijd.<3<3
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