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Hey all,

Everybody staying at home? No gigs to perform!?
My latest was October 10th.... with a bandproject named JazzyFour.


What about you all?


Or something like that! :)
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Great band! Been a long time since my last gig.
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Always this famous blue purple lighting around you :)
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Cool band Marc .. nice smooth jazzy stuff. I guess that's why most of us are on the loops - we no longer do much live playing ... "dead playing"??? :D
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So good to see/hear you again. I really missed the jam this year and hope all gets sorted before I'm too old to be able to lug myself and gear half way around the world.

I also missed playing at the Australian festival with my band. I've had occasions to play with others and minor gigs as New Zealand isn't in lockdown.

On the 15th I'll be playing with my favorite NZ guitarist for a dancer's workshop over three days. It's being held in a remote lodge that's on a very remote beach with forests behind and miles of beach without a living soul to be seen. It will be 100% improvised and the dancers are all doing improvisations as well. I've played with this guitarist many times in improvised situations. He's very musical and full of surprises. Should be interesting!
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Fantastic Marc!! great band and sound!! :W
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Top level Marc ! I guess the pleasure you have to play with a band like this :) :W
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