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One of my Strat heroes in a cool home recording - Robert Cray

One of my Strat heroes in a cool home recording - Robert Cray

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TeeGee Supporter
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I've been a huge Robert Cray fan since I first heard him around 1987 or 88 - during that time I also discovered Jeff Healey and both play Strats, so when I went out to buy an electric guitar it's probably not a coincidence that I ended up with a US standard Stratocaster. When I started playing the electric guitar, I would say that he was a big influence, or at least I wanted to sound like him. Obviously, that did not work, but hey, I tried :D. I got a lot of his CD's, but this home recording an acoustic is just great, so much feeling in his singing. It is also clear that he is not used to playing acoustic a lot, but still wonderful to see. If you are not touched by this blues...

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rootshell Supporter
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those chord patterns are so cool <3 thanks for sharing TeeGee :)

and i love that Strat sound as well <3
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hartmut Supporter
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i am a Robert Cray fan, too! Don't fear being "Alone in the dark" ;) ;)
Great man, great inspiration! :Y :Y

my long time favorite "concert" with him and his really great band is a 3 songs live take:
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bluvation Supporter
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Super duet...

Great singing by Clapton, and very cool guitar by Cray. I have to say, I grew up a big Clapton fan, seen him a couple of times life and even bought a black Strat partly because of him. But later on I started getting irritated by him. Bought the "In the cradle" disc when it came out, listened to it twice and it's been in the shelf ever since. Sounded fake... but Robert Cray, love him.
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