Thank you <3

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Shi Supporter
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To my Wikiloops friends, I am so grateful for all the fun I have had here at the loops
thanks so much for the lovely music, I couldn't do what I do without you all :)
sending greetings and best wishes for the New Year too, Shi <3
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FrankieJ Supporter
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Shi wrote:
To my Wikiloops friends, I am so grateful for all the fun I have had here at the loops
thanks so much for the lovely music, I couldn't do what I do without you all :)
sending greetings and best wishes for the New Year too, Shi <3

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too dear Shi.
I hope much more fun to be had with you in the new year :)
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Offfocus Supporter
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Yeah Shi.. a good moment to stop and say thank you for this wonderful Wikiworld we are allowed to live in. you know, I was still a pupil when I played in my first band and this was so exciting and cool and great - I was shure to become a professional musician. Then when I was a student, indeed I earned all m money by playing music and felt previliged - while my friends had to work hard for life, I went out on weekends and played music .. how nice and easy! And then, after I got my PhD I simply had to decide for one way, and I took the one as a scientist not a musician. Active music vanished somehow slowly from my life. I changed my jobs some times, and found myself being a managing director in the industry .. no music left over then... Every 3 months I saw my old Nylon sitting in the corner and I grabbed it to realize: no inspiration, no skills, no fun .. until twi things happened within 12 months: First I got fired from one day to another. Instead of being panicing I had a coffe and thought: ok man, you got time now, payed my coffee jumped in my car, went to a music store and bought my first electric guitar!! Happy!! And then I got a new job and some months later a colleague told me of Wikiloops (actually in front on a blues club in Chicago) .. and this changed everything!! I met you guys - and to be honest - you two guys above, Shi and Frankie especially - wonderful musicians, super friendly, open, embracing, patient and welcoming every contribution. Music's back in my life, and friends I can tell you, that has been changing my life. And actually this is all coming from you wikifriends.. Sorry I babbled a lot and bore you .. what I want to say: This is a magic place with magic people.. And I want to thank you .. very much!
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That is a very nice music story, Offfocus! I've been here for a very short time, but I can say this place is bursting with positive energy and pushing my musical feelings like an afterburner. So, from myself as well, a deep thank you and best wishes for Merry Xmas+happy 2021! Tons of music are waiting

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wjl Supporter
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Thanks go back to you dear Shi, with all the best wishes to you and to everyone you love :) <3

Everyone else here as well of course, we're family thanks to Dick and to great moderators like Shi, OliVBee, TeeGee, jmrukkers, and Tu :) And all other musicians as well :) Be well my friends, and have a nice, healthy, and happy new year :) <3

Selfish as I am, I also wish for many more collaborations to come dear Shi :) <3

Be well, stay safe, and take care everyone,
Wolfgang :) <3
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Pasticcio Supporter
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You will have to work a bit with the translator :P

Grazie Shi per aver aperto questo topic. Grazie a questo posto, a chi lo ha pensato, creato e mantenuto. Grazie a tutti voi loopers che rendete questo posto caldo e accogliente, specialmente in questo periodo pandemico.

Auguro a tutti noi un 2021 migliore! <3
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adu Supporter
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Hello all wikiloops members and all who want to become one!

I would also like to say thank you to all of you for the fun and the friendly atmosphere.
For many of us this place was a certain place of refuge in the past year. Of course, I also want to thank Dick and his team for this.

I wish you all and your loved ones a nice, quiet and peaceful Christmas. And for the next year I wish that you all make music healthy and lively again and for all of us that we (humanity) experience a positive change and that life takes place again with more social contacts.

Do it well and stay the way you are!

Your Adu. ;)
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OliVBee Supporter
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I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the community as well ! Wikiloops is such a precious and friendly place :) So my best thankies go to any of you guys and girls who make wikiloops the peace haven we love to enjoy every day ;)

And of course thank you Shi for giving us the occasion to bump on your post and express this vast amount of recognition :)
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rootshell Supporter
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It took a pandemic to drive me to this site and I'm so glad it did, this is a great community of of the positive things, for me, of 2020 <3

I echo everyone's sentiments, Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wikiloopers! (Thank you Shi for starting this thread <3)
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Wade Supporter
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Just a quick smile to all of you and wanting to be included in all the thanks mentioned above.
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byrath Supporter
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I also want to thank everyone for their kindness, inspiration and entertainment. When the time came that I knew my wife (and musical partner) was dying one of my fears was that my music would be lost forever, as I don't really enjoy just playing alone, nor do I have the energy to deal with being in a real band. Wikiloops and the people therein saved it and I'm playing more than ever. <3

And Merry Christmas to those so inclined!
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peatric Supporter
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ja Shi, es macht einfach Spass mit Euch zu jammen und wünsche Dir und allen WL auf diesen Planet ein schönes Corona freies Weihnachtsfest und einen gesunden Start ins Jahr2021:W
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Navota Supporter
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I Can't say it better then all of you wrote above so I only say thank you for the music :-- and inspiration and a healthy 2021
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