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Christmas Zombie Attack

Christmas Zombie Attack

Lyric #2590 by bassMonkey

Tags: Christmas, Zombies, Humour, A bit gory in places,
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It was Christmas eve just about midnight,
Something crashed in to my house what a fright,
I climbed to the roof and I found up there,
A sled turned over, presents everywhere,
Santa hunkered down with a pistol in his hand,
He shot Rudolph dead - I didn't understand,
I said "what the fudge!" then Santa looked back,
He shouted "Watch out boy - Christmas Zombie attack!"

Oh man, what's the plan?
Shoot 'em in the head now,
Try to understand,
Hang on tight for a festive thrill,
No goodwill tops a zombie kill,
Keep on track,
Dont turn your back,
Look out!
Christmas Zombie attack!

I came a bit closer and saw what he meant,
Zombie reindeer with murderous intent,
Santa said "one them musta got bit -
He bit the rest then it all turned to grit",
I offered my assistance in destroying the undead,
Santa nodded and pointed to the sled,
"Look behind the toys there's a shotgun in the back,
Try to aim for their heads - Christmas Zombie attack!"
Oh man etc..

Santa peeked down off the roof and he cursed,
"Don't look now son I think it's getting worse",
Out in the street there were Zombies all round,
Shuffelling about making zombie sounds,
Wearing little tinsel hats and colored paper chains,
Singing carols and chowing down on brains,
Santa said "We gotta try to take the city back,
We aint puttin up with Christmas Zombie attack!"
Oh man etc..

I ran to the yard, got my axe from the shed,
He grabbed a chainsaw, started cuttin' heads,
I got about fifty but he got more,
Two Christmas elves with a slate kept the score,
Soon it was over and he seemed pretty pleased,
I poured him a dram by the Christmas tree,
"You're a good lad" he said, "name your price!"
"Drop me off the naughty list, put me on the nice"
That was me and Santa killing zombies back-to-back,
Saving people from the Christmas Zombie attack.
Oh man etc..

Shame about the reindeer though.... oh well, Merry Christmas.
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lol - why has tbis movie not been made yet?
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Great story thanks I used them here hope you like it
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