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wikiloops transparency report on 2020

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Hey folks,
I'm done assembling the 2020 statistics and am once more sharing the traditional annual wikiloops transparency report with you today - here it is:

For those who may not be familiar with these papers - the whole idea of keeping wikiloops transparent towards its users is to share the miracle of how wikiloops has survived on little budget and lots of volunteer love over the years, and to motivate people like you to join the rather small circle of people who financially support this musical wonderland called wikiloops.

Thank you for your interest in what is going on behind the scenes of wikiloops and any feedback you might want to give &
greetings from the wikiloops engine room

-wikiloops operator, coder and CEO since 2011-

If you have questions about something stated in the report or interest in more details, feel free to ask for more :)

To allow easy access, here are the links to the previous years reports lined up for you (just in case you'd like to dig a little deeper):
Report on 2019:
Report on 2018:
Report on 2017:
Report on 2016:
Report on 2015:
Report on 2014:
Report on 2013:
Report on 2012:
Report on 2011:
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