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Anger Management

Anger Management

Lyric #2606 by bassMonkey

Tags: funny, irony, wellness, lil' bit country, lil' bit rock and roll
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Like everybody else I lose my temper now and then,
I shout at the TV when comes Donald Trump comes on again,
I hate when people cut the line or can't control their kids,
And just don't get me started on what all those DJ's did.

It's Anger Management classes that make me really mad,
There's nothing else in this whole world that's even half as bad,
They're run by no-good do-gooders who like to think they care,
They ask "how does it make you feel?" and "would you like to share?",
You have to sit around in rings of other angry folks,
And they all get upset when you start telling dirty jokes.

I understand the consequences of the things I do,
And if I have to pay my debts my friend I'll tell you true,
I'll make amends I'll pay the fine and do the time to boot,
I'll even pick up roadkill in a little orange suit.

These Anger Management classes are just a step too far,
It's cruel unusual punishment that's unfair and bizarre,
They're all designed by college kids with torture-themed degrees,
Who get their kicks from putting other people on their knees,
They want you on a journey to your "special happy place",
When your fists would love to book a trip to someone else's face.

I only have one more to do before they set me free,
And if you think they've done no good I'd have to disagree,
Although I'll finish angrier than when my time began,
It's helped me put together quite a self improvement plan.

Those Anger Management classes did teach me something new,
It's a way of making easy cash that anyone could do,
I've started my own classes and we meet on Tuesday nights,
You might think I'm not qualified and though you could be right,
I've learned there's lots of folks out there who love to be controlled,
Send fifty bucks to me right now and you will be enrolled.
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