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Chick Corea's Advice To Musicians

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I kind of disagree with #9 as anyone who has played in a roadhouse or biker bar knows they throw things at your head if they dont like what you are playing.So "what you like" should have a sense of "what the audience likes".

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I've seen this before on a sax site (SOTW) and thought it mostly good advice. Too bad most sax players don't take that advice...but that's another story.

I agree with Littlewing about #9. The advice is slightly vague though in saying "what someone else will think". That's not the same as "what someone else will enjoy". What others think could be referring to band members or expectations like you're having to play your biggest hit from 20 years ago at every performance.

If we are playing for others our job is entertaining them. That means communicating and giving them experiences, stories, emotions etc. If we are only playing for ourselves that may not be very different to "playing with ourselves".

There's a vague line between challenging an audience and giving them nothing they can relate to. Intent helps with there being a big difference between those who wish to give/share compared to the egoist who simply seeks praise/recognition.
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Some really good advice there, must try to remember some of those. Yes, number 9 is a bit iffy at times. But also also number 3, I don't know about that. Sometimes when I am really into a track, I don't "think" anymore I just let the fingers go without thinking too much. And many times some good stuff comes out of it. Now I am a pretty crap musician, so I guess real musicians can do that even better, getting lost in the music. Letting the fingers do their thing. I suppose when you play a certain type of music that does not apply to, but bluesy stuff definitely has that. I think :)
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