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Searching for Pro-bono coders

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Hello Wikiloops,

I am working on a music collaboration project for world wide web users. I have got some work on it, but am getting old.
I thought I'd post here and see if any coders out there respond.

The idea is similar to wikiloops, but a different goal. Instead of focused on overdubbing jams, the ethic of the proposed site,
muselib, will be concentrating on remixing electronic music. Some of the goals are up at https://muselib.org

Take a look. Feedback, and interested coders, please get back. The work would involve some code using php, cpanel, and mysql.

More to come and thanks.

Michael Bender
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No takers? What gives?

Sum bono?

Wrong forum, right.
Michael Bender
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had a quick look at the project proposal out of curiosity, knowing I got too much work at hand to even think about offering help there, sorry to say.
Good luck with the muselib project, you've got some pretty big plans there.
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I am not hurried about it. I wanted the site built so that some ideas related to wikiloops could bear some fruit. Namely, swapping in and out takes.

In a nutshell, by uploading all takes of a composition (electronic musicians can do this much easier than accostic users), other musicians can swap in a take to a mix. For example, someone might think, 'Gee, I wrote this 4 part song and my guitar vst part isn't great, perhaps another muselib user will swap in a guitar part, thus making it cooler.' From this, the idea sprang into domain acquirement and some hasty sketches of 'how it should operate.'

Thanks for consideration.
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Michael Bender
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