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Always On the Move...

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Hey everyone. I'm still here - just. As usual, my life bumps from one change to another and time for playing, let alone recording, has been very thin on ground. I never forget about the 'Loops though - it's always in the back of my mind as something I want to do.

Anyway, in short I'm on the move again! With my mother's death last year and finally getting probate sorted behind me, it's now time to move my life on as I always planned: namely to leave the UK for good.

To this end, I've purchased a house in Spain. Near Zurgena, Andalucia to be more precise. After looking at places in Italy and France, I settled on Spain as my destination. Mainly because of the weather but also house prices helped too. This will complete mid-summer and I plan to move out there as soon as possible after. One plus side is I can still keep my current job as it's remote-based anyway.

So I'll keep trying to add when I finally get the odd chance but my studio will shortly be packed up for shipping...

And, if the residency stuff goes to plan, I can finally look forward to getting my European freedom of movement back!

See you on a track soon (hopefully!)
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Too bad that I couldn't follow your invitation to Cambridge, but thanks for that again anyway :) And wow, now you're really going down South, aren't you?

Wishing you all the best for your move, Martin :)

Be well, stay safe, and take care my friend :) And come back to the 'loops as soon as your kit is reassembled :)

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Hi from me Martin, and sending you my best wishes and I hope all goes well for your move :) Wishing you all the Best and look forward to hearing more from you when you have your new music studio set up :) take care, Shi :)
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Ah Martin! So good to hear from you and that you've made some positive moves. How's your Spanish? There are some fine players in Spain that I've had a chance to play with. Unfortunately, if I've got the right Zurgena, you're not near any of them. No matter! Enjoy the warmth of sunny days for most of the year.

Hope to be hearing more from you once you're settled in.
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