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Lyricist/singer looking for Dark J-pop musician friends

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Heya! Amatsu here. New member looking to contribute~

I haven't been able to find any jamtracks on the site that match the aesthetic I want to perform in, perhaps because it caters to a very specific musical taste: J-pop. But not just any J-pop - heart-wrenching vocals yet with energetic rhythms that are catchy and fun to sing. Songs that sound lighthearted at first, but by the end of the number the audience is in tears and has an entirely new perspective on life.

Some examples of this are the works of a musical group called Tuyu (or Tsuyu). They heavily influenced my own style of vocals. There are also the songs 'A Suicidal Person's Yearning in their Last 191 Seconds' and 'Undead Alice' as further examples of this style. All of these songs are in Japanese but have English translations online.
*I only write lyrics in Japanese in order to stay true to the aesthetic, but always provide translation*

What I'm looking for is a group of musicians who play instruments vital to J-pop (synth, electric guitar and bass, percussion, etc) who are willing to collaborate in producing new music in that style.

Thank you for reading!
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Welcome AmatsuKi, good to have you with us :)

And I'm sure that you will like this place, and that you'll find some cool players, the level of creativity here is quite astonishing.

Enjoy your time, and have fun,
Wolfgang :)
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Welkom Amasuki I'm only play flute so I'm not what you looking for .But you make my curious about the music style. Do you have a link to something om YouTube or somewhere else how this music sounds.
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Welcome :) . Seems like a very interesting subject, I look forward hearing it. Just to help you to understand: Wikiloops is a site where people place a drum track, or whatever they feel like, and other people add to the track, as simple as that. To get a group of people to work specifically on a project, or an album like that will be difficult - you would have to get to know people here first by contributing to their tracks and mingle. However, if you have a track with some sort of chord structure and vocals somone will add to it, I am sure. Do you play any instrument or is it just vocals?
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It is possible to work on "private" tracks here (I'm pretty sure) as a band that you might create, but you might want to look at the wikiloops "terms of service" and a thread in the FAQ area that addresses the pros and cons of such possible use. The parts on copyright should be of particular interest for you to look at.

There are functions in certain DAWs that enable such direct DAW to DAW collaborative work with others. Studio One Professional 5 is one of them.

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