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Drummers and Keyborders are still rare...

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no offense to Baer here, but it would be very cool if we could have some more beats in the basement ;-)
Sae is to be said of the ivory & ebony figngerers, so if you by chance know someone who would like to contribute some more, I think we'd all appreciate it!
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I've been on the search for an electric drum kit. I will definitely get some drum samples up once I get one. stay tuned!!!!

Spent some time at the drum section of best buy over the weekend and Let me tell you, I am awful. :( lol

Even if I got a set tomorrow it would be some time before I shared anything. :o Oh well.....
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I recently joined, and I saw the lack of keyboards on many jams. I play rock, and try to play prog rock moog solos, and stuff like Jan Hammer, but I might add some organ, or piano sounds if I can play them. I also play guitar. Let me know if you would like some synth pads, or easy keyboards on there, and I'll try to keep it down in the mix unless I'm doing a solo or a melody. I haven't got my rig set up just yet, and my time is a squeeze, but I'm driving my inspiring jams. :-) There's some samples of my electronic music, and other jams, and recordings that I made about 5 years ago when I was playing alot on my myspace page.
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... long time ago, that i heard the name "Jan Hammer"
For me too, one of my inspire mentor ;)
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I know a keys guy, I'm meeting up with him for a beer on Monday so I'll have an ask then. I actually have a piano at home but I don't have any way of recording it, it needs tuning and I'm the worst piano player ever in the history of music :)

There's a couple of drummers I could ask too...
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oh, I'd love some mic-recorded piano on the loops... but moog sounds good to me too :)
@harmono: feel free to join sessions by sharing remixes, but "naked" keys would be nice too, if you can do em on click (dont need have that click on the recording necessaryly), the drummers are always happy about tracks that are not drums-based :)
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I'm not a very good keyboard player but love to play with synthesisers and am also soon getting a keyboard so I shall try to add some keyboard
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This is no joke: I think backgroundsingers are still very rare on wikiloops, too (2/2014). I cannot find one choir who uploads songs! But there must be 10.000 choirs outside in the real world, full with good voices, but without instruments. And there is a general lack of females who participate.

Best wishes!
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I play keys.....
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