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The Contradiction Boogie

Lyric #2700 by bassMonkey

Tags: Ironic, Boogie, A little light on the Woogie
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All the the kids are dancing to that tune they love to hate,
It's a massive early warning that arrived a little late,
With a brand new kind of rythmn that's as old as time itself,
And everyone is getting off by staying on the shelf,
It's individuality expressed in unison,
By a sea of frowning faces showing how to have some fun,
They never lift a finger but they give it all they've got,
It's the contradiction boogie and it's cool because it's hot.

The songs go straight to number one but never sell at all,
The only way to have it large is staying really small,
You can only tell it's good when everybody calls it bad,
So the worst thing you can choose will be the best you've ever had,
Hold your arms straight down and wave your hands up in the air,
Dont forget to shave your head so you can shake your hair,
Keep it close to home each time you go out on the town,
It's the contradiction boogie going up by getting down.

It can seem a bit ironic when an opposite occurs,
Just ask Alanis Morisette I know that she concurs,
Never say a thing but shout as loudly as you can,
Embrace your inner female to become the better man,
When someone call's you sick that's when you're doing really well,
It's a little piece of heaven from within the fires of hell,
Dont try staying sane in case you really lose the plot,
It's the contradiction boogie, then again, perhaps it's not.
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