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Tags: Upbeat, SingAlong, Shades of Vaudeville/Music Hall, Historical Overtones.
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Meet a man from history,
Who's been misunderstood,
He was known as Dracula,
But tried to do some good.
He ruled with fists of iron,
To subdue the peasant class,
And if you stepped out of line,
You got a tree stuck up your....

Vlad! Vlad! Vlad the impaler!
Prince of Romania,
King of my heart,
Six stake makers kept on retainer,
Why's he so wonderful?
Where do you start?

Always take your hat off,
When you're visiting his place,
Or he'll nail it to your head,
Before he laughs into your face.
All those bodies up on stakes,
Result in such an awful smell,
But don't think about complaining,
Or you'll get impaled as well.
2... 3... 4...

As well as skewering humans,
He impaled a donkey too,
I read that on Wikipedia,
So I'm pretty sure it's true.
Some people didn't like it,
And so when the fire was hot,
He boiled them all alive,
Inside a great big copper pot.
Hey... Hey... Hey...

His dad was Vlad the second,
Who was murdered in the night,
The son had sworn revenge,
With sharpened stakes he put it right.
He was captured and imprisoned,
By some men with foreign hats,
And then when he was in prison,
He impaled a lot of rats.
And... We... Sing...

He died upon a battlefield,
Close to a Monastery,
It was one that he had founded,
So how's that for irony?
Buried in an unmarked grave,
And lost to history,
Save for all these gory stories,
That have made him legendary.
His... Name.. Was...
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