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For the non-Christian WikiLoopers: Peace & Love to you all

For the non-Christian WikiLoopers: Peace & Love to you all

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JanSimone Supporter
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I just want to give a December shout-out to all of the non-Christian WikiLoopers living all around the world. You are in my thoughts! Wishing you happy days and success in your endeavors. And Happy Holidays to you if you are celebrating holidays this month!

Peace, Love, Cheers!

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I just wanted to say I appreciate Jan’s post here. I’m sure she was concerned that those wikipeople who don’t celebrate Christmas may feel excluded and unwelcome because of all the Christmas stuff being posted here lately. Since I’m one of those guys wishing people a “Merry Christmas” I thought I should comment on this thread and make sure you all know that as far as I am concerned, Christian or not, you are all welcome members of the wikifamily. And, my wishes for “peace on earth, good will to men” extends to ALL people everywhere regardless of your religious beliefs or unbeliefs. I’m so glad you all are here and you all have made me feel part of the family. It has been such a blessing to share and make music with people from all around the world regardless of our differing beliefs and values. Long live Wikiloops! May God (whoever he is, if he is) pour out his blessings and his best to you all this Christmas season and all year round!

Tinkeround (Chris Hawbaker)
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Oh, and for the record, I do believe there is a God and I’d be happy to tell you why and tell you about the difference he has made in my life if you’d care to hear about it. However, please don’t for a moment think that we can’t be friends if you don’t believe what I believe. I’d love to share my life with you and hear all about your life too regardless of what you believe. I greatly value the conversations I have had with people who see things differently than I do. There is so much we can learn from one another! So, please share with me who you are. I’d be happy to listen!

Your WikiFriend,

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Dick Supporter
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I am sorry for replying this late to this post,
but I have to say I am deeply honored by this expression of kindness, respect and global thinking showing in your words.
If wikiloops is a means to help people think twce about the many predjudices we were taught to believe, than I have reached a lot more than I'd ever have expected. If people experience those things about being a human that unite us all, independent of origin, religion and race by visiting wikiloops, i am one happy man.

Thank you so much, i feel very honored by your kindness.
peace to all, and blessings for 2013 or whatever year your calendar counts :)
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Bravo , quel excellent message
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