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Napalm Love

Lyric #2717 by bassMonkey

Tags: Punk a bit, Destructive love
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Don't know where she goes but I know where she been,
The broken hearts and the smell of gasoline,
She strike like lightning then she fade in the night,
Look out the window see the city alight.

That girl she only give me napalm love,
She come down like sheets of flame from above,
She so damn hot but she so bad for my health,
It's like I called an airstrike down on myself,

She show no mercy coming in to attack,
You feel the searing of the the burns on your back,
Am I a victim or addicted to pain?
It doesn't matter here she come once again.


When she's not killing me I just want to die,
Can't live without her and I'm not gonna try,
A lethal weapon from her head to her toes,
She'll be the end of me but that's how it goes.


When it's all over you can see in her face,
The urge to never stay too long in one place,
It's gotta end but that was never in doubt,
Sure gonna miss her when that fire burns out.
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Thank you for sharing your lyrics I used them on track #220719
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Like it! I was playing it a lot faster (4/4), punky but in a Lou Reed kind of way if you know what I mean. It's one of the great things about the forum though, you write punk and someone shows you how well it works 12 bar blues. Good job.
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