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Cookin' Blue

Cookin' Blue

Lyric #2733 by bassMonkey

Tags: Blues, Haute Cuisine, Self Referential
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Take a blues riff right out of the packet,
Sauté it in the key of A,
Transpose to D and E for flavour,
But the taste of the measure must stay.

Now you might wanna fold in some triplets,
Not too many though - keep it loose,
Don't try to over-egg this pudding,
We're not cooking for Jack freakin' Bruce.

Simmer that rythmn don't let it boil over,
Check the drummer's not overdone,
They call it twelve bars for a reason,
He's been dead drunk in every last one.

We're not making "pops" for the kiddies here,
Won't sweeten with a middle eight,
But we'll garnish it with a solo,
And, quite frankly, it's pretty damn great.

[Six strings show off here - TBH they are
just playing scales up and down so I fail
to see what y'all get so excited about]

Then we come back down to ground,
------With groovy driving bassy sound,
--------Watch the fingers move around,
---Until the A fret has been found.

There it is! So you liked that bit did you?
It's what we call walking bass,
It makes a delicious transistion,
Simple, effective, and right in your face.

Always serve on a bed of attitude,
Plus any sides you wanna choose,
Award yourself a Michelin Star,
Now you know how to cook with the blues.
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