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Billionaires in Space!

Lyric #2744 by bassMonkey

Tags: Political, Sing-a-long, Lil' bit funny but in a scary way
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We've got fires up in Canada and floods in Germany,
Policemen killing citizens each night on the TV,
Dictators all around from Myanmar to Belarus,
The Taliban is back again and Trump's still on the loose.

But we've got...
Billionaires in space! Come on, join the race!
You just need tons of money and a punchably smug face,
Astronautic egotists monopolise the news,
Which one do you hate the most? It's really hard to choose.

Israel and Hamas can not stop trying to kill each other,
People die in Africa just for their choice of lover,
Racism is everywhere and Big Tech's spreading it,
The seas are full of plastic and the press is full of sh**.

But we've got...

There's shooters on the loose in schools but we can't stop the thugs,
Covid's rife in poorer states be we won't share our drugs,
China's hacking Microsoft and Hong Kong's getting screwed,
And all we see around is a "do-nothing" attitude.

But we've got...

People getting poisoned and then jailed for speaking out,
Human rights are in decline of that there's little doubt,
Brexit's buggered Ireland busting thirty years of work,
And half the world is run by power-hungry little jerks.

But we've got...
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Excellent. I'm personally desperate to find out what this whole space thing is and if we accidentally lose a couple of billionaires in the discovery process, then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Remember this? [youtube]goh2x_G0ct4[/youtube]
"All music is folk music. I aint never heard no horse sing a song".
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Thanks - and yes love this one. Hard to believe he's been gone over 10 years now. The Revolution is still unlikely to be televised but it's going to be all over Instagram.
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