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Night Terrors

Night Terrors

Lyric #2746 by bassMonkey

Tags: Slower, Dark, Sometimes the insomnia is the best bit
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Every night you toss and turn believing that sleep won't come,
And you are gonna wish it hadn't when you finally succumb,
Apparitions appear born of anxiety and mistakes,
A fly slides down a razor's edge using it's balls for brakes.

So you lie with your sheets all creased up and soaking in sweat,
You can't remember what it was you were tryin' to forget,
A dark shrouded figure holding a scythe stands by your bed,
Extends his bony finger, says "Boy, you just woke up dead!"

Here come those Night Terrors your own personal horror show,
You buy the only ticket and then every night you go,
You're the actor and the audience but if you only knew,
You're credited as the writer and the director too.

High up on a narrow ledge paralyzed by fear and doubt,
You notice you're butt naked and your teeth keep falling out,
You're suddenly in a coffin looking at up the lid,
They're hammering in the nails for all the bad things you did.

Going round and round the staion but you can't find a train,
There's no sign of a rest room but you have to pee again,
And now some guy is chasing you with murderous intent,
But you can't run away it's like your legs are in cement.

Here come those Night Terrors cast from the shadows of your mind,
Maybe you try to resist them if you're that way inclined,
But they're just as much a part of you as each other bit,
And the more you try and stretch them out the better they fit.
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