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How bold you look in your new battledress,
As you march through town in step with the rest,
Enlisted soul in the ranks of the damned,
So unaware of a fate so unplanned,
But I hear you laugh and I hear you sing,
Of fighting the Kaiser serving the King,
Though the least of your worries will be "the Hun",
When we meet once again in Verdun.

A life's not so fair in a cold, damp trench,
The fear and filth the disease and the stench,
A harvest of blood near a belle French town,
Sees flow'r upon flow'r of fair youth cut down,
All you have left is to hope and to pray,
To be on stage at the end of the play,
But the final act had already begun,
On the day you arrived in Verdun.

The flares ignite like the sky's on fire,
Your broken body lies limp on the wire,
The bullet with your name on found it's mark,
Here on your own slipping in to the dark,
What remains of your face distorts in fear,
You look so surprised when you see me here,
But then surely you must have known that I'd come,
To greet you again in Verdun.

My name is Sally, you'll remember me,
From that dark alleyway in Bermondsey,
Where you murdered me in back in 1910,
And never thought you'd see my face again,
You choked out my life up against that wall,
And before I take you, you might recall,
A whisper in your ear just as I was done,
"I will see you again in Verdun".
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