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Electronics, specifically drum kits.

Electronics, specifically drum kits.

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mpointon Supporter
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Hey all. My move to Spain is going fab but it'll be another month or so until my office/studio is ready for playing again. I'm coming up on three months without being able to play properly now. I've kept my membership going though :) It's getting pretty damn frustrating not being able to play (although I've joined a classic rock band here, we rehearse once a week and that's all the playing I'm managing at the moment). Anyway...

Whilst my Yamaha kit has come with me to Spain (the Spaun is in a lock up in the UK for Floyd band gigs), I've decided to go electronic for my everyday studio kit. I know loads of you drummers here have electric kits and I'd appreciate your opinions.

I could stay with an acoustic kit for recording but I'm trying to be considerate about noise, at least initially whilst I figure out what the neighbours might think. My initial measure is they'll be grumpy sods because they got crappy about my drone (funnily enough, my immediate neighbours are bloody Brits and the whiners! typical, I go 1600km to get away from them to end up next door to some!). Anyway, I'm pretty sold on an electronic kit. At the moment, my choice is Gewa - an acoustic-looking electric kit as I'll probably gig it too. It's mesh heads, etc., but hardly cheap. I'll be using it with real cymbals, recorded or gigged, so am less worried about any cymbal pad shortcomings. The Roland 'acoustic' kits look fab but make my wallet cry.

I'm definitely going for mesh heads but talk to me. Tell me the good. Tell me the bad. Tell me all! I'm a bit out of touch!
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GlezBass Supporter
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Welcome to Spain Martin !!

I do not know how you will be in our country ... but it is really different from the British way of being. I see that you have not started well the Spanish adventure for the neighbors! but it does not matter the nationality, it is a question of whether they are good or bad neighbors, or at least tolerant !!

My little experience in electronic drums makes me suggest these little ideas:
- without hesitation buy drums with mesh kit, it is the closest thing to a conventional drum in the rebound of the stick
- Acquire a double zone kit (stereo inputs on the drums pad) so you will get head and rim sound !! (my kit is only from one zone ...)
- of course a conventional bassdrum pedal that triggers a kick pad, so you won't miss that pedal, the electronics have another "rubbery" feel
- If the hit-hat is not your problem because of the sound you can use the recorded acoustic, but if the sound is a problem I recommend the economic GOedrum system (https://www.drum-tec.com/universal-hi-hat-controller-for-roland-alesis-etc.) , cheap and apparently very sensitive to the usual game, it is installed on a hihat pedal normal, watch this videos

- If you can use acoustic cymbals, it's the best !! if not to practice any kit will serve you to shoot sounds. There are systems that turn off the sound of the cymbals that you surely know too, and you play on the acoustic plate. If you finally also buy cymbal pads, don't forget to buy it with double shock, so you can turn off the sound with your hand like acoustic cymbals !!! If you buy them simple, you can only play with a single beat, therefore like the double trigger drum pads

- The really interesting thing is to acquire a configurable generation module: double zone, volumes per pads, shock configuration etc etc, but they are usually the most expensive kits.
Although these modules have really good sounds of their own as I have heard in many videos, I think the module's programming versatility is more interesting because then with programs like AddictiveDrums or EZdrums you can get infinite sounds with MIDI and ASIO drivers with little latency !! .
As I have read in forums, the largest battery manufacturer in the world is Medeli, which manufactures for many well-known brands, only elite brands will not be manufactured in China, so take a closer look at in performance and price !!!

- A new world opens before you with the Edrums !! Via MIDI you can import any sound bank, and this for me is the best of electronic drums, also the recording is very simple to upload tracks to WL, and you can play at night without your neighbors calling the police :)

I'm sure if I recommend a particular brand or kit I'm sure I'm not right (there is always a better one !!) but considering the pocket, the cost and the benefits that I have mentioned, look at this model

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6w-dFYXcR0 if you hear the sound in the video at the end on the pads it is really very low !! you have to have a very special neighbor to bother him !!

without a doubt Roland the best !! and I see that GEWA is not very cheap at Thomann :|

I'm sure that some drummer more expert in electronics drums will give you more opinions, these are my mistakes! but despite my ecomical kit, see how it sounds via MIDI!!! --> #224128

As you are an acoustic drummer you will notice many differences, but for the use that you are going to give it: practice and do not disturb! is your best option. Although I think later you will record many tracks for wikiloops with your edrums !!!

As a curiosity, drones as everywhere have strict regulations here too !! My son is a drone pilot and has to find very remote places to be able to fly them legally !!!

We hear each other through wikiloops and welcome to Spain !!!
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LittleWing Supporter
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Hey Martin! Glad you are livin' the dream!

Funny you ask about this because I went to an electronic kit ...BECAUSE OF YOU, Peter, Lenny and WB.

My Yamaha DTX700K . I chose Yamaha because the internet told me Yamaha bass pedals are not cheap and flimsy like other brands.I agree. The internet forums seem to prefer Yamahas for that reason.If you are going to break something it will be the kick pedal from all the abuse.


I use EZ Drummer for sound patches.

EZX Cuban Drums #220620
EZX Modern kit (Standard Sound Bank.Comes as default sound bank with the software) #216823
EZK U.K. Pop (Emulates towel dampened and compressed snares) #208824
EZK Modern Gospel kit #212547
There is a Latin and Cuban Percussion package that I use to trigger supplemental percussion during choruses and such. At the 1:15 mark I triggered a Latin percussion sub rhythm. 1:15 @ #208824

I run the drums thru console emulation plug ins to get them full and hefty. You can mix inside the Toontrack software.

All the drum samples above are run thru the same chain:

WAVES Abbey Road J37 Tape saturation
WAVES SSL Channel Comp
WAVES NLS Buss (Emulates an NEVE mixing console-Brings whole kit forward in mix , full and robust)

Skins are tuned to the key of the song within REAPER

Enjoy yourself and come on back!
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