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Social Media Taxidermist

Lyric #2799 by bassMonkey

Tags: Horror, Humour, Folky, Jolly, This will probably get me in trouble.
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When I left school I had no clue,
Of what I would go on to do,
But then I read the book that changed it all,
"Basic Human Taxidermy",
Laid a path of joy before me,
I knew my life was going to be a ball.

Stuffing people may seem cruel,
But I live by one golden rule,
Which states it's just the useless ones I kill,
I concentrate on narcissists,
'Cause they're the ones that won't be missed,
Social Media Influencers fit the bill.

I've been stuffing Social Media Influencers,
And no-one seems to notice what I've done,
I stuff them and I pose them on their WebCams,
The kids assume they're all just having fun.

It's most humane when they're done in,
Of course I never break the skin,
I gently scoop out all the runny parts,
Then cotton's packed in with great care,
I paint their face and do their hair,
And leave them looking like a work of art.

I worried that the companies,
Whose products were endorsed by these,
Might get upset but this was not the case,
If I keep their brand on display,
They like it even more this way,
They get the clicks but don't pay for the face.

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LOL good idea!! :D:W
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I could have sworn I saw Donald's lips move? Perhaps I was wrong; this explanation makes a lot of sense:D
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