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BASS PLAYERS - How are you recording?

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I use FL Studio 10 with a DI.

Here is my biggest issue - I am finally learning how to fine tune my sound with EQ and Compression - However, after I have done this, my actual volume levels are too quiet.

I have tried using the built in simulated amps to boost my sound, but the free VST's that I use are junk.

Any experience would be helpful.
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I've never used FL studio, but heres some general tips:
a good compressor should automaticly put some gain (look for make-up-gain) onto the compressed signal - compression by itself will densen the signal and lower the peaks that way, normally, it should then raise the overall level so the result is a fat signal. As I have learned just a few days ago, not all comps feature this make-up-gain...
if theres no other way to do it, try to normalize the compressed signal to lets say -2 db, then you'll be able to mix it well.
That might require some mixing down (having the computer calculate the comp plugin to the bass recording), after thats been done, look for the option to "normalize" the newly created bass track. Then mix it with the backing.
You might as well put any other VST plugin behind the compressor plugin that allows you to raise the bass level again.
Amp simulation is mostly designed for guitar sounds, might not work well on bass.

hope this helps a little... if you happen to have a friend with some costly VST-plugins at hand, try to get your hands on them, good plugins are really really the salt in the soup of computer editing.
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For recording i am using my bass conected via interface (Focusrite)into my Notebook. A nice free software for recording is audacity. It gots a lot of tools for finetuning ;)

Mosttimes i also work with Guitar Rig. The Bassamp-sims are great but it is not realy cheap...

Btw - mosttimes my sound is compressed like hell :D
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I record through my zoom b3 into audacity, from there I record it on a track next to the imported (drum)track and add some compression.
Sometimes I cut it up and export it as wav to import it as loop into FL studio
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I record by plugging my (borrowed) bass into a Personus Firebox that is connected to my macbook via firewire, the result is good. As for the DAW I use Logic Pro 9 that I didn't buy, someone I knew had it, it has a built-in bass amp VST that is really good but even without it it is loud enough.
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does plugging fx, say compressor or chorus pedal, on a laptop should affect the output? Im adding my compressor but for some reason I cannot hear the difference
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I plug my MM SUB bass straight into my Focusrite saffire pro. I think it sounds great with the inbuilt pre amps. Wish i could mix though. I use Oxford VSTs. Would like to be able to afford some good reverbs
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digitalsin, yes pedals can affect the output levels, overdrive and compressors usually boosts your output levels
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I record with a D.I. With a tube preamp after the D.I. And mic my bass amp with a large diaphram condensor mic
Once I have recorded the track I will sometimes use the ampeg vst plug which has room ambiance controls and also compression.
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I usually use an Apogee Jam interface ($99) into my mac mini for recording my Rick 4001s, and pipe it into Garageband for a more processed sound, or into Cubase LE for a clean sound , with just a touch of compression. The Jam is so much better than any of the other cheap interfaces out there, especially for capturing the bass sound.
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I record directly into Reaper using a Rocksmith USB cable (using ASIO sound drivers) on my Win8 PC and occasionally add a free VST plugin for effects. I use a passive P bass, and haven't run into any issues with volume, though I do sometimes have to turn up the input volume if it's calibrated for the game (which I haven't found a good way to do in Reaper - I just open Audacity and turn it up, then close it and start Reaper).
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I use a Guitar Link USB interface and Guitar Rig 4 for recording my bass and then use Mixcraft 6 for the final mix. Works well with the instruments I play hooks into USB and ready to play. Guitar Rig has two decks one to play and one to record. Play's the track downloaded from wikiloops and syncs recording deck for the instrument play over.
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A good rule of thumb to follow is keep your master volume above your individual track volume. And keep your gain lower than master volume.
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The couple of tracks I have recorded so far come from a direct bass<->pc soundcard connection. The result is just decent and I am reading in the FAQ
If you are looking for a simple solution, look out for a so called USB Audio interface - thant would be a little box with proper instrument-sized mic/line in jack with maybe a preamp-gain knob to set the levels, wich you may easily hook up to your computer by good old USB.

Should I go for something like [url=http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Sound-Blaster-System-SB1240/dp/B004275EO4]this[/url]?

Thank you :)

Edit: I missed Dick's update in the "tips" section. There he talks about an USB I/F which is apparently guitar-specific
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Hey I forgot I own [url=http://www.voxamps.com/amplug]this[/url] gadget, Will give it a try :)
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jstef wrote:
Hey I forgot I own [url=http://www.voxamps.com/amplug]this[/url] gadget, Will give it a try :)

I use this. Shows unexpectedly good results.
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I plug my bass with Aguilar OBP-3 pre-amp ([url=http://enter-url.com]http://www.aguilaramp.com/products_preamps_obp3.htm[/url]) straight into my Akai EIE pro switched to instrument level. Record it in Cubase. Normalize it and add a bass-preset of the multiband compressor.
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I use a Zoom MS-60B multi-effects stompbox that goes into my TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 interface. I use Ableton Live to record. The Zoom has a compressor and a preamp enabled, so once I record, I just need to adjust the mix levels.
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I plug direct into my audio interface (a Focusrite)and record into Cubase - usually then add a small amount of compression, and very occasionally a tiny bit of chorus. I never add any post-eq at all as I like to maintain the natural sound of my basses.
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I write a topic about m Recording tips with Bass here ^^
[url=http://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=657] TIPS[/url]
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