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Years ago, the build-in plugins from Cubase or Logic had been rather crap. I used the free DaSample GlaceVerb plugin instead a long time, but it was old fashioned and only 32Bit. You can turn it - as pretty much every 32Bit plugin - into 64 bit with Jbridge, but it was time to look for alternatives. Since the build-in Reverb Plugins from Steinberg like Reverence are pretty good meanwhile, I use it very often. But it is a convolution reverb (natural sounding rooms, but high CPU load), sometime you want to use an algorithmic reverb with more artificial and crazy possibilities.

A nice survey can be found at https://www.musicianonamission.com/best-reverb-plugins/ .
As free plugins I can recommend Oril River with lots of tweaking possibilities or Acon Verberate Basic 2, which is quick & simple, but really good sounding.

If you want to spend some money (50-70$), you should look at Kleverb, Valhalla Room or LiquidSonic Seventh Heaven, which uses algorithms of the legendary Bricasti M7 reverb. The FabFilter Pro-R looks interesting, but $199 lets me think twice about the 6th or so reverb-plugin.

Finally, it’s all a matter of taste and what you want to do or which instruments you use.
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Cool stuff, thanks!
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For crazy stuff there is the free Valhalla Super Massive too.
Convology is not so bad for free convolution and there are free M7 samples on the net if you search.
Also if you can stand the cpu hit, Acustica Audio have a free realistic reverb "Silver" and have released a good sounding 240 plate for it for not too much money. It is a heavy load but very transparent if that's your bag. Nice on guitars.
I do love reverb but I also love a lot of other high cpu effects so it's often a case of which is more important and it's rarely a convolution reverb when there are so many less hard hitting alternatives. :)

while we're on effects, if you like phasers the best I have ever heard, paid or otherwise, is recently released FREE Audiority Dr Phase. It's a 2% cpu hitter on my computer but worth it - sounds fab on...anything!
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thanks for the tips!
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