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New Wikiloopian

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Hey guys,

Im Jordan from Canada and im pumped to be on this site! I play quite a few instruments, guitar being my main focus but i also play keys, drums, and bass. Yes im only 15 but i look forward to jamming with some of you!
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welcome JW - in case it really matters to you, you arent the youngest wikilonian around, so dont bother :) You seem to be quite a busy musician, so we all will be quite happy to have you around!

Wikiloops is a nice place to get together and do what we like, so no reason to feel bad about being "only" fifteen ;) Actually, 99% of all wikilonins must have been 15 at some point in their history, and most of them (including me) would have wished to have started playing in your age ;)

have fun around, and if theres any help needed to get ya started, feel free to ask ;)
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Hi Jordan!

Welcome on wikiloops! Don`t be afreaid - your age is beside the point - have fun jamming with the loonians :)
Tha bass has to be a lil louder...!
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