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Wikiloops - the biggest band in the world

Wikiloops - the biggest band in the world

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Congratulations to Dick, the leader of the best band in the world!

We are all very grateful to Dick for Wikiloops, a truly "Herculean" act, and none of us want to go on without Wikiloops. We appreciate that care and that diligence of a leader who assumes responsibility and carries it.
From our point of view, Dick's 10 years of work cannot be underestimated.
Many thanks!

Wikiloops is being a global meeting place for musicians and in all aspects we form a group for cross-border collaboration and between musical genres. Today, after 10 years of Wikiloops, of the 3120 members, the 180,000 tracks and an indeterminate number of bands, we can say and be proud that it is one of the reference websites of music creation.
With its calm pace, it is offered as a place of support and learning where it is possible to gather opinions from others and involve others. Here you will find heartfelt, friendly help and support. Such a climate cannot be taken for granted today.
Objectively Wikiloops is a site for composing tracks and many other things, but it is also a gathering of Internet bands. Hundreds of bands.
Could we say that Wikiloops is or could be considered a great Internet band?

If among "all" the members we managed to compose or / and interpret a song together, there would be no doubt, but it is not the purpose of this website, as it has been the case of very abundant online musical choirs during this Covid pandemic. 19
Let's dive into this massive collaboration topic on Wikiloops.
Today numerous web applications, plug-ins, and mobile applications are filling the online music collaboration space. Two examples are Satellite, vstplugin for direct DA cooperation, and StarMaker where hundreds of singers come together to make karaoke online from popular songs.
But Wikiloops is original, they are original works of art, not interpretations of other popular works or directed based on a score
Although statistics seem acceptable as a music collaboration website, they can barely describe the essentials. How to express kindness, tolerance and mutual support in daily communication on Wikiloops?
The spirit of global cooperation is evident in the main room. The acceptance of one musician to the other with totally different style preferences: a world of tolerance, friendship and fun
It is not a real band but there are annual opportunities for musicians to meet and we all look forward to an external popular success that as a whole values the artistic work that is hidden in this platform
We are so many people here and all new ones are welcome to be a part of this. Each song could have the title: "a place for you in this jam? Join this great band!
There is a kind of changing plasma that binds the website. A social network of musicians, as is also one of the purposes of this website.
Bands are created on the basis of the tracks and their composition changes at will. In addition to these open bands, Wikiloops also offers closed collaborations for guest members in the band room.
There are examples of actual great bands and the internet today, but none have a resemblance to the idea on this our site.
Currently in Wikiloops improvisation is what moves the formation of new songs. The maximum number of musicians that can participate in a song is 6, but there are hundreds of compilation albums and others with musicians who play together without the pretense of forming closed bands.
An album could be formed only with the variations of a single tree of tracks
How far does the broadest network of musicians reach?
What has been the maximum participation in a clue tree?
What has been the maximum number of accumulated ever?
What has been the maximum number of musicians who have collaborated on an album?
Let's find that global band tone on Wikiloops !! :-)

Thanks for your attention!

We wish you a good day !!
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wikiloops is great! I already have some toons ready when I get the audio interface.
barrtrek from United States

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