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Cassandra Smiles

Lyric #2844 by bassMonkey

Tags: Ballad, Baleful, Classical
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The girl with auburn hair looks on,
With the fate of the world in her eyes,
The beauty remains but wonder is gone,
Now that all of her words are thought lies,
The curse is to know but then never to tell,
And be sane when the madness descends,
Foreseeing a darkness rising from hell,
Understanding what it portends.
The city burns down in the night,
While Cassandra smiles.

The girl with auburn hair looks out,
A prisoner in body and mind,
She can't understand what the war was about,
But exists as a payment in kind,
The proud King's prize is predicting his end,
In the hours that remain of his life,
She utters no word of unfaithful friends,
Or the murderous hand of a wife.
The flames set their bodies alight,
While Cassandra smiles.

The girl with auburn hair looks lost,
Abandoned by both mortals and Gods,
Pride was the price but despair the cost,
Death just a way to lengthen the odds,
The years pass by as the bones bleach white,
And the monuments fall in the wind,
She sees us love and she knows we'll fight,
Harvesting the storms of our sins.
The world's on fire tonight,
While Cassandra smiles.
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