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We got grey skies,
We got rain,
We got Covid all over again,
But we got us and that's all that anyone needs.
We got music,
We got songs,
And I don't mind if we play 'em wrong,
There's enough wine to see us through a siege.

I won't try asking you how you are,
I'll just play you a tune on an old guitar,
And when you start singing I'll know the world's alright,
There's nothing else I'd rather do,
Than be right here right next to you,
We won't care if it's cold outside tonight.

We got thunder,
We got storms,
We live on vaccination forms,
But we got us and that's all that anyone needs.
We got rhythm,
We got blues,
And baby we need no excuse,
To jack the volume up until it bleeds.


We got lightning,
We got hail,
We live in a world where lies prevail,
But we got us and that's all that anyone needs.
We got lyrics,
We got chords,
And one day we'll claim our rewards,
When this whole sh*tstorm finally recedes.

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Used your great lyrics here
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