Two Pegs

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Tags: Blues, Drinking, Inadequacies of certain penal systems
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Tryin' to make a dollar,
Tryin' to make a buck,
Got to pay off twenty years' bad luck,
Taxman got the money,
Woman got the house,
Got a fire in me that the booze can't douse.

Hey barman gimme two pegs,
Peg o'whisky, peg o'gin,
There ain't no two other people,
Had half the trouble I been in.

Was drinking in Phoenix,
Then it went blank,
Found myself in Tucson robbing a bank,
Sheriff shot Johnny,
The guard took out Bill,
They caught me inside with my hands in the till.

State penitentiary,
Locked in a cell,
Out on the chain gang livin' through hell,
Keepin' my head down,
Tryin' to survive,
Gonna get me two pegs if I get out alive.

Now I'm a free man,
Now I'm reformed,
The booze was my demon (so I'm informed),
Now I stand boldly,
On two sober legs,
To hell with that sh*t - Barman gimme two pegs.
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Incredible but certainly true :D
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