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Kitchen Sink Karma

Kitchen Sink Karma

Lyric #2855 by bassMonkey

Tags: Choppy Guitar, Quirky Murdering song
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Subway in the distance,
Screeching of the rails,
Sounding like a giant chalkboard,
Scraped by long and jagged nails.

Move into the kitchen,
Feel the presence there,
Sense the static building slowly,
Feel it crackle through my hair.

He steps from the shadows,
Switchblade in his hand,
Though he won't say what he's come for,
It's not hard to understand.

But then he speaks at last,
"Nothing personal,
Seems our mutual employer,
Is assigning you to hell."

"Would you like some coffee?"
Panic tints his eyes,
The offer of a beverage,
Kind of caught him by surprise.

That's when I shot him,
Took him unawares,
With the gun under the counter,
That I always keep taped there.

"You got it wrong" I say,
"Easy thing to do,
Because the twist in this tale is,
They paid me to murder you."

Wrapped him up in plastic,
Weighed him down with stones,
And then I switched on the T.V.,
It was time for "Game of Thrones".
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Used your killer lyrics here ! :W
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