Tennis Guy

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Somewhere beneath the southern sky,
Sits an imprisoned Tennis Guy,
Crying salt tears into isotonic drinks,
Renowned for his humility,
As much as his ability,
Is what his PR team would have you think.
From afar we hear his mother cry,
"Why do they persecute you Tennis Guy?"

There's one law made for you and I,
Another for the Tennis Guy,
With Covid rules that's how it always seems,
Gathered outside in their dozens,
His supportive fans and cousins,
Beg for the fulfillment of their dreams.
They ask the question but get no reply,
"Why do they persecute our Tennis Guy?"

A team of lawyers bravely try,
To liberate the Tennis Guy,
While friendless refugees from far and wide,
Can only dream of such resource,
Their friends and families held by force,
Where very different standards are applied.
The huddled masses no doubt wonder why,
"Why do they persecute this Tennis Guy?"

One final sanction could apply,
They might deport the Tennis Guy,
Then he'd be barred from entry for three years,
A vaccination tournament,
That only served embarrassment,
And always looked like it might end in tears.
There is a simple way he could comply,
"Why don't they vaccinate the Tennis Guy?"
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Just saw the news oh my, oh my,
They DID kick out that Tennis Guy,
It goes to show the Aussies can be tough,
Most tennis fans are not dismayed,
But angry voices fill Belgrade,
The next Grands Slams could also cut up rough.
There's Wimbledon and France before July,
"What will THEY do about that Tennis Guy?"
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