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Hello all + sequencer question

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Hi everybody

I've just discovered this great platform and wanted to congratulate everyone for contributing to this site and making it so awesome.

I've got a question right off the bat so here goes....

I'm a bit confused over the sequencer category which is rather broad in my opinion. I'm fully aware of the one instrument per template/remix rule but there seems to be a very fuzzy line when it comes to sequencers that can output a multitude of instruments.

Let's say i want to upload a new template with some sequenced drums and some basic chord idea's on top(whilst leaving enough space for future contributors)

Would this be allowed in the sequencer category or will it mess up search results due to the track being more than one instrument?

Looking forward to your replies!
keep on jammin
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Welcome 4board.

Sequencer is just our category for everything that does not fit in the 1-instrument-rule. So whatever you do with more instruments, be it whatever has to be declared "sequencer" even when no reals sequencer is involved.
So your example is perfect for being named "sequencer". You got it right.
Now have fun and let us hear from you!!
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Thanks for the quick reply, all is clear:D
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