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Forevergone Town

Lyric #2862 by bassMonkey

Tags: allegorical, small towns
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Sins unforgiven all bound up with ribbon,
By the Undertaker's wife and the Rodeo Clown,
They're gonna live life to a Rock and Roll rhythm,
Putting it together in Forevergone Town.

Impossible girls like a string of rare pearls,
Waiting on a King with a counterfeit crown,
They whisper to each other as his banner unfurls,
Bitchin' 'bout the weather in Forevergone Town.

A tall guy sneezes and his wife says "Jesus!",
Then she looks to the heavens while Jesus looks down,
But the chance of refinding her faith decreases,
Lost it altogether in Forevergone Town.

Straight out of the fable her beau's fit and able,
Her pa's ploughing fields with his permanent frown,
Rolling in the hay at the back of the stable,
Smell of brown leather in Forevergone Town.

Forevergone Town,
Forever stained brown,
No-one ever leaves here,
Forevergone Town,
Don't ever ask why,
People set in Sepia,
Long after they die.
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Thanks for sharing the writing here's the bands take :W
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