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(The Ballad of) The Baron

(The Ballad of) The Baron

Lyric #2868 by bassMonkey

Tags: Ballady, Plagiarism, the Big Easy, Supernatural, Accountancy
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Friends, I found myself embarrassed by the need to fill a hole,
That was recently exposed by all the money that I stole,
Although technically I "borrowed" it and never gave it back,
People seem to have a tendency to paint my talents black,
With all avenues exhausted it was looking pretty grim,
And the time was runnin' low because the feds were closing in,
When a girl that I ran into at a Cajun restaurant,
Said "Go down and see the Baron he can get you what you want."

I was out of other options so I did some askin' round,
And I found the Baron's quarters in a seedy part of town,
Standing right between a pawn shop and a house of ill-repute,
He was waiting in the doorway in a Seersucker suit,
I must've reeked of desperation 'cause that's kinda hard to hide,
So he looked me up and down and said "You'd better come inside."
We went up a winding staircase to an office at the rear,
And he sat down at a desk and said "Do tell me why you're here."

I relayed my tale of sorrow and he sat there while I spoke,
When I'd finished he just nodded and then offered me a smoke,
He blew a smoky ring and said "Boy, it's your lucky day,
Because I'm entirely able to make this all go away,
But there ain't nothin' good in life that ever came enitirely free,
So you're gonna have to do a little thing or two for me."
He laid out his conditions in his dark forboding voice,
And I signed the contract then because I didn't have much choice.

It turned out the Baron's mission was collecting damaged souls,
And he'd found musicians stealing work could best fulfil his goals,
It was done with a small velvet bag that he passed on to me,
I went out and found a music bar to see what I could see,
The band was playing blues and so I listened for a while,
The guitarist played it easy with a certain lazy style,
It didn't take me long to spot the "style" was Buddy Guy's,
So I took out the bag out, opened it, then tightly shut my eyes.

The room's air became quite oily as the pressure quickly dropped,
Then it got a little colder, then the plagiarism stopped,
On the whole I found it really wasn't all that hard to do,
I'd been asked for twenty souls, by midnight I had twenty two,
I went back to see the Baron with the bounty I'd collected,
My success within one day was so much more than he'd expected,
He counted them then checked again then called out "Sacré bleu!"
So I said "You haven't spent much time on Bourbon Street have you?"

He declared the contract was fulfilled and paid off all my debts,
And he asked me if I might agree to join him in his quest,
I didn't have much on as my accounts career was done,
So I took his offer up because I thought it might be fun,
And since that night the Baron and I have become close friends,
So I'll send you all a warning just before this story ends,
Doesn't matter if it's Jazz or Blues or even Rock 'n' Roll,
If we catch you plagiarising riffs we'll come and bag your soul.
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Wonderful :) Love your lyrics!!
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