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the problem with the avatar picture is still so again - a black picture is after upload an new jpg avatar picture. The problem is not by me alone - same suggestions from baccus69 - see on the chat! I think is a server problem with rights in the folder http://www.wikiloops.com/images/avatars/..... I don't know- if the rights to 777 or 775.

Hope you can fix that - not an urgent situation - but better to fix that!

best regards
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Hey Fresh n all,

I just had a look, and experienced no problem whatsoever - tried in Chrome and Firefox.

I did use a .jpg - pic. I have seen before that wikiloops might convert your pic to black if its a .png or .gif pic containing transparency, so better go with a .jpg version or be sure to avoid transparent parts.

The uploader wont accept blank spaces ( " " ) or strange characters like "@" "/" "\" "'" "." or such in a files name - there is an "invalid file name" message shown at the top of the reloaded edit profile page then...

please check that out once more, and wait two seconds before leaving the reloaded edit profile page, just in case the server is really busy and copying your new pic takes a little.

thx for all feedback

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yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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thanks Dick, works now again.
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