A bit wobbly

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Wade Supporter
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Not sure so just checking to see if others are experiencing the same sorts of problems.
1. Trying to open up the site in browser I get this message:
Hey there :)

"As you will have noticed, we are having some temporary issues with the wikiloops servers - there are just too many folks wanting to check out some jamtracks today it seems,
and we are having ourselfs another nightshift at the wikiloops engine room to make sure things operate as smoothly as they should - as soon as possible.

Please come back in a little while, and hopefully you will not see this screen for long.

Stay safe out there, knock on some wood, make some music and and send some positive thoughts, we'll be back up soon.

from the wikiloops engine room in germany

Richard & MrBaer"

I can only sign in via clicking on an E-mail notification.

2. Once in, there are "quirks" like being able to give thumbs but not comments.
3. When a comment is made it shows up in another thread multiplied many times.

I've reported this to Richard and co. but just wanted to hear from others if they are having similar problems.

My apologies to members and followers for not being able to comment on your wonderful tracks or respond to your kind comments.
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Wade Supporter
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A few more quirks:
1. "Show More" button at the bottom has no effect.
2. "Volume Waveform" in the play box has disappeared...just a black box.
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Shi Supporter
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Hi Wade, thanks very much for reporting the problems you have been having and we appreciate the detailed information. The wikiloops team are aware and work is going on behind the scenes to fix the issues as soon as possible.Apologies for any inconvenience.
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Wade Supporter
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Thanks Shi,

Some seemingly not having these problems. I though it might be useful to know if that's the case.

Not sure if you want me or others to continue to post about specific issues as they arise or just leave it all for a while.


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ivax Supporter
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Hello Wade, I also had the same incident yesterday throughout the afternoon and night
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