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What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong?

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I have posted some guitar tracks on here but not much go's on with them after that point, I post the bpm, just wondering if I'm missing something
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LittleWing Supporter
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I went thru your track list. First thoughts:

1. Number one rule around here is if you want others to interact with you musically, just as in real life, you need to make an effort to interact first .
Meaning...go around and listen to others music, leave some nice comments if you enjoyed it, respond with something other then a like when others compliment your track...etc....
We all have people we enjoy playing with and the new guy may be good but if you just drop a track without getting to know my music...well....same in real life. Lots of musical relationships are built here so find people who you want to play with by browsing for them then follow and do adds with them so we get to know you.
This is number 1 and can't stress how important to getting adds this is. You get what you give around here and unlike any other jam site...you actually befriend the people you play with frequently.

YOU have to make the first move as far as nice compliments and joining in with others. Treat others music exactly how you wish to be listened to and treated.

2. In general , listening to your tracks, the guitar playing is excellent , however the recording quality needs improvement big time.
What I refer to is our guitar recorded sound is faded , low fidelity .
To illustrate take your track "Warchild".

Listen to the audio quality of DaFunkyDrummers original drum track, then listen to your remix. The quality difference is huge.

Don't take this as an attack. Im being honest...its gonna kill you on getting adds., The most basic Focusrite recording interface sounds better. Your talent should always be showcased in the best possible light.
The volume bar on the track should fill the window about 1/3rd with the waveform. You are faded out and low volume.
I was told one time a track I posted was unlistenable but the person was right after I went back and compared quality to what others had.
Bottom line you are not presenting your performance in the best possible way that excites someone to spend time investing in the track.

DaFunkyDrummers original track #9940
Your remix: #236989

Im not insulting your recording setup but I am suggesting if you can perhaps improve upon it.The general rule is if you do a remix of someones track, make sure the sound quality recording wise is equal or better then the original. Your playing rocks...no issues whatsoever with your killer playing.

However maybe you have headphones or speakers that are lying to you how it actually sounds.
Maybe there is a setting you don't have turned on to get a far better audio quality.
We've all been there. Thats what Wikiloops is for....learning and improving. Watch some youtube vids with people using your same recording setup and see what they do and how they sound.Start there.

It is my opinion and only my opinion...sound quality is where I feel your problem getting adds is. I feel technically its below average and sounds like Im listening to you in another room with my ear up against the wall.
Im sure your line 6 spider sounds awesome and its interface is capable of a lot better then what we are hearing. I would expect sound quality like this guy...


Don't take anything I said personally. We all come here to hone and develop our skills and Ive had some really crappy recordings myself. But consider this website a training boot camp for your musical talents. Listen, ask questions and learn. Which leads us to the final Wikiloops rule.....

3. HAVE FUN ! Have fun learning, have fun growing...if you like metal...try doing a reggae track just to be different....have fun is the most important rule. Hope that helps.
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Not feeling attacked at all, I truly appreciate your time to explain all of that to me, I will work on everything you had mentioned
Thank you very much
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TeeGee Supporter
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Hey man, I feel your pain, it can be a bad feeling when yoi don't get any response. I think Little Wing made a lot of good points, maybe if you sort out some of the sound quality matters it will help. But keep at it, and hopefully it will get better! :W
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LittleWing Supporter
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Warhawk wrote:
Not feeling attacked at all, I truly appreciate your time to explain all of that to me, I will work on everything you had mentioned
Thank you very much


If you started playing when things were all analog and are now getting into digital recording, expect start up problems.

I previously said it sounded like I was listening to you thru the walls in the next room.What I meant is that I can hear a lot of air in the room. Yes...I can hear the dead air the microphone is picking up. It may be the wrong microphone , or not positioned correctly or often the case, its picking up multidirectional sound when you really want focused sound only from what its pointed at.
Microphones are a pain and an art form to get right.

1.Try a homemade baffle if you are microphoning the amp.


Cardboard and foam and some glue . It will capture a lot more guitar and a lot less dead air space.

Get the model number off your microphone, go online and find out its pickup pattern. You are probably picking up everything and then some when you want it just focused to what it's pointed at.


2. If you can eliminate the microphone and go direct out of the amp into an interface.I don't know your setup.
See if that makes a difference.

3. Don't rule out Microsoft Windows being a sound problem. Check that your audio driver is set right.Tons of videos on Youtube for checking windows sound driver.Also the video link I gave you discusses using a third party driver called ASIO4ALL. Thats an important thing and highly recommended to use.Its free and you just download and install and never touch it again.

4.Headphones and speakers are not equal. You may want a "flat curve" set that does not color the sound or boost sound frequencies to sweeten music. Those are useless in home recording and just create bad mixes.

5.`Go thru all of Youtubes "Recording with Line 6 Spider " videos. Check especially settings . I can't tell you how many times checking a little box suddenly makes your sound go from zero to hero.

6. Consider a proper recording interface. There are some great ones under $80. You can get them off ebay $20-$30

Focusrite, Behringer, Presonus....all will deliver great audio. If all else fails ...consider the investment.

I have a pretty pro studio setup and I have expensive interfaces costing $400-600 still in the box but I use a $100 Behringer U404 that never ever lets me down.

I don't know your setup so you may already have the equipment.

7. DONT GIVE UP. You are not the only one with startup issues and I have had insane problems some that took me years to solve.

Your guitar is VERY inspiring and I would have no problem jamming on your tracks but Id have to tone down definition and clarity on everything to blend in.

8. You don't need to have the best quality. Just better then what you currently have. I can't give you a set "minimum expectation of sound quality"
But it just needs to be so as others don't have to change a lot of things to blend in with your track. Its all about blending in with the track.Thats mixing in a nutshell.Shouldnt be work.
Thats where listening to others tracks, you get a sense of what the average sound quality standard should be. The more you explore the website you'll get a sense of what the basic expectation for tracks is. Just Listening solves a lot of problems.

I have played on a lot of tracks where sound quality was lacking but the song was so good , I couldn't help myself.The work involved can add up quickly and it gets to be too much. So find yourself a track you like , that sounds similar to the sound you are going for , and use that as a reference for all your uploads."Do I sound close to what I would like it to sound like?". Again basic mixing.

Check that microphone .

Welcome to the Loops and Happy Jamming!
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Thank you so much,
I will be ordering presonus as soon as my wife's back is turned,.........

And ordered
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zedders Supporter
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Also, it has to be said that you never really know what will tickle others to join in. I've posted up tracks that died a silent death and others that turned into really great jams, some of which I had no idea whatsoever how they would turn out. Like I posted some chill stuff and it gets jammed into heavy rock, or posted a rock drum track that ended up as funky soul. Brilliant!
Another general tip - try not to "finish" a track with your contribution - just enough to give an impression but leaving others room to express themselves is good - particularly if you contribute at or near the beginning of a jam.

Nice guitar playing BTW. :)
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I want to commend Little Wing for taking the time to post up all that good info. It came across as intended, giving some great advice to boost another musician. I also recently took the leap of jumping to digital and had a small learning curve. I think sound-wise I am getting great sound at this point, but the one thing I have going for me is a lot of analog experience and watching some good engineers work when I was just the snot nosed drummer........so I had a reference point.

Once you get your setup dialed in where you are capturing your playing in a high quality way, I am sure you will get some action.

Hit me up if you want some drums done etc. I may or may not be the right guy and that's cool too lol

Good luck
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rootshell Supporter
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great advice here. nice guitar work too Warhawk. the only thing I would add is, for guitar templates, always lead in with a click track and post the bpm. as a fellow guitar player, drummers are your friend :) jump on their tracks and explore. as LittleWing pointed out, it's all about that interaction. more importantly, there's some great people here and it's a great community, have fun!!
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Thanks for all the info, very much appreciated
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