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hi there

i m new here. think the common language is english so i try to do my best.
i m from 1957 and startet making music 1969 with a violin holding on my knees to make "guitarlike" tones (well..mozart was`nt my best friend and to date i've no relationship to classic music...no bass...no drums....oooooh)
otherwise i'm open for any kind of music.
i'm from nothern germany near the arctic circle...haha...and i'm a great wise man in polar bear's fur proclaiming you........
No..... seriously i'm a thirdclass musician. makin' music for more then a a half of my life and only the 1 and the 2 of the triad "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" and a big dose of disorderliness and lacking of concentration has prevented me for being a superstar.......hahaha....
okay...sorry...i'm a little ridiculous and of course bit strange.
i play guitar, bass and sax and all instruments i get my hands on.
i played in several bands from dancemusic over punk and jazz to hardrock.Last ten years i play guitar in hardrockband named down on knees (between ac/dc and iron maiden.i call it prole rock with the slogan "no message but rythm"...hihi..)
sure..i've my favorite musicians like bonamassa, page, bonham, slash, aerosmith, barbara thomson but i like pink, lana del ray, madonna and herbert grönemeyer too....i hate principles..... what's bad today maybe right tomorrow.. that's for my life and my "kind of making music".
found wikiloops by chance and i think that's a great area for musicians.
okay..i think this will be the longest statement you will read from me cause my internet is very slow ( remember the arctic circle and the icebear:)
MrAdamonDrums ...huuu... what a guy....
maybe i can not give much to this area (by the way the single one) because of time and slow internet.
but i 'll be with all of these fine musicians i find here.
okay: here i am and thanks for acceptance.
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welcome the crank!
actually, I'm sitting in germany myself, so where does your icebear live?
thanks for the very nice introduction, have a lot of fun around, open minded people like you are always a good thing to have aboard!

for all non germans living far off: germany does not touch the arctic circle at all as far as I know, and icebears only survive in the fridge around here... it is darn cold, tho, no denying that) :)
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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hi dick
thanks for your welcome.
okay...arctic circle is round about 2 or 3 steps away (actually 1500 km bee-line). but for most german people we here at the danish border are hillbillies and in some respect not without reason:D
so take a look at at my internet connection...up here bits and bytes were still compounded manually:)
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Hallo und wie gehts ? I'm new here too !;)
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