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Remixing tracks

Remixing tracks

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MySounds Supporter
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Joined: Mar 19, 2022
Hi all,
As I've caught myself slicing and dicing the original jams prior to adding my stuff, I just wonder what 'good wikiloops practice' is in that regard.
I understand the value of 'free for all' jams, but is there any unwritten rule against 'bending' the templates to your own taste? What's the gut feeling of the loopers here?
Best to all
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wjl Supporter
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Joined: Feb 14, 2018
Hi Thomas,

glad you're asking :)

Generally, you're free to do what you want here, and it would be nice if you leave credits (comments saying thanks) on the tracks of people you remix - all up the ladder to the template if possible.

For criss-cross mixing, or slicing & dicing, we have a special forum which is called the "crazy remix board", see https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id=12 - and Dick explains the rules in his first and sticky post in https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=84

I also made a track longer already, that's no problem normally, especially if you explain what you're doing.

Also, when you want to add to a track which has 6 participants already, you can't; you *have to* make a new one. In this case, please also add all the others' names and track numbers, and leave some "thank you" comments on their tracks. That should suffice.

Hope that helps?

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gwailoah Supporter
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Hey Thomas

As a singer/lyricist I often cut copy and paste sections of a jam to lengthen and create a new arrangement that I feel better suits the lyric being sung. Perhaps add a verse, double a chorus, shift a solo to develop the jam into a song. But this is all within the same jam and perhaps is more production rather than remixing. Taking stems from other jams to create a new jam can run into timing issues resulting from differing tempos across jams. Agree with Wolfgang above, give credit to the musicians, link back to the jam where the stem came from. Best tip I got was from TeeGee - with every stem you upload have a "tap tap tap tap" at the beginning to help with lining up other stems. Have fun!!
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MySounds Supporter
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Joined: Mar 19, 2022
Thanks to the both of you for those comments. As a newbie looper, I am just trying to get a better feel of the spirit of things here.
Giving credit is a no-brainer. I have seldom come across a community in which so many helpful comments and words of encouragement are shared. It's fun, done with style.
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TeeGee Supporter
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I cannot add to what the guys already said :) By asking this question you show that you already understand the spirit of Wikiloops, so go on splice and cut and do your thing, and most important, have fun doing it :)
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I love this place!! its all about the music&supporting eachother nothing else!! :)
frenzie from Netherlands

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