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Oganesson Chainsaw Girl

Lyric #2945 by bassMonkey

Tags: Rocky, Punky, Sci Fi, Silly
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Out here on these forgotten moons,
We live in poisoned cities,
The gamma rays pollute our rooms,
But no-one cares or pities,
The Oganesson Chainsaw Girl,
Our cybernetic leader,
A hero of this mutant world,
Where every body feeds her.

Oh baby she's out of this world,
She's a mutant chainsaw girl,
Oganesson made her fame,
Everybody screams her name.

She got long legs and four good arms,
And one of them's a chainsaw,
Men know she's gonna do them harm,
Perhaps it's what they came for,
In pick-up bars the floors run red,
She dances on the table,
Now most of those that tried are dead,
And all the rest disabled.

Oh baby she's out of this world,
She's a mutant chainsaw girl,
Deadlier than neutron storms,
She ain't got no time for "norms".

She hooked up with some dude on Mars,
But broke it off on Venus,
They say he took it much too far,
And she cut off his peanuts,
At least that's what I think I heard,
I'm not entirely certain,
But when that chainsaw starts to whirr,
It always ends in curtains.

Oh baby she's out of this world,
She's a mutant chainsaw girl,
Feel her take away your breath,
Loving her is certain death.
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