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suggestion: link to previous sessions

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I'd find is useful if on the session page the links to the previous sessions would be visible.

Example based on a session I just joined:

I wanted to record on this session:


Riffs are shown as B Bb Es B Bb

I think these are for trumpet, not much use for me as Keyboard player, so I searched for previous sessions based on this one and found the correct one with the correct riffs for me:


Also in this case I found it quite useful to also listen to the original session without trumpets because keys follow usually more guitar than trumpet.

So I think it may perhaps be nice if the links to all previous sessions which are based on a current one would be visible somewhere.
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hey nofish! I think what you are looking for is there: you can always move back in a sessions history by kicking musicians.
To stick to your example, you can click on the little red-Xed Trumpet in pos 4 to erase everything but the instruments you wanted to listen to. No need to use the search engine at all.

Hope this helps,
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Ha I never understood exactly how the 'kick' function works and didn't dare to use it so far.
I though it maybe erases the session with this musician completely and the musician gets a mail saying "hey sorry you've been kicked" :)

But as you said it just goes back in time showing the previous session but leaving the current session still available, right ?

If so, yeah that's exactly what I was looking for.
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yes, thats right!
Another example:
You have four muicians: A Drummer, Bassist, Git and Horns.

a) you kick the horns (last musician to join!) - leaves you with the three other players, and the horns available next to that little red plus-arrow in the right column

b) you kick the Guitar player - the horns will be kicked at the same time, cuz they were mixed onto the guitar, off they go.
With the Drum & Bass track shown now, there is only a guitar available (cant automaticly have the horns without it!), but by adding the guitar again, the horns will become available again.

So, you can alway kick anyone without doing any harm, notice only that you can only add musicians one by one.
The system is cascading the takes, so a track wont become useless to others who would like to add the same instrument.

Its a bugger to explain in words, hope you understood what I'm trying to say :-) If you got the minute, please check the FAQ thread concerning kicking and make a suggestion what should be pointed out another way...
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Got it now.
Thanks again for detailed explaination.

I've read the FAQ section about it before, but honestly it still wasn't clear to me.
Mostly I was unsure about what exactly would happen using that function as I said above. Specically about the "doing no harm" part as you said I wasn't sure.
Your explaination above is quite clear to me now, I'd suggest adding this example to the FAQ section (emphasizing the doing no harm and just get back in time thing)
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