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Bottle Collector

Bottle Collector

Lyric #3006 by bassMonkey

Tags: Dark, Alcohol Issues, Abuse, Be Warned.
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My daddy had a hobby and it used to keep him busy,
It would always put a smile on his face,
He would while the days away,
Collecting empty whisky bottles,
And he'd hide the things all over the place.

My Momma had no hobbies and she used to be quite clumsy,
She was always walking in to a door,
At least that was what she told us,
When we asked about her bruises,
Strangely it was something I never saw.

Whisky bottles, empty whisky bottles,
Hidden by the dozen outside,
Eagle Rare and Makers Mark out there lurking in the dark,
Silent homage to a problem denied.

My sister had a hobby which was being nice to daddy,
I resented the attention she got,
She would go with him most nights,
I guess to help him with his bottles,
And she did it till the day he got shot.

My sister shot my daddy so they threw her in the chokey,
And then Momma went completely insane,
They came one night to take her,
To some place where they could break her,
And I never saw my Momma again.

Whisky bottles, empty whisky bottles,
Hidden underneath the back stairs,
Jimmy next to Jack with Wild Turkey at the back,
I'm so lonely now but nobody cares.
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